Jesus Came to Fulfill the Law Not Replace it.

What did He mean by that? As I was praying this morning it was made clear to me, that originally the law kept our flesh in order or out of trouble. But when Jesus spoke of how if we, for example lusted after another women we in essence had committed adultery in our spirit. When Jesus said he came to fulfill the law, those words, actually start dealing with the next level of our being, our spirit. Now God is always after us at a deeper level. If I say to you I did not steal any money today, but throughout the day I am always trying to figure out a way to gather more stuff and work the system, what is the condition of my spirit? Yes I did not steal anything but my spirit is obsessed with the essence of taking or getting.

Once Christ took our place on the cross, and we understand the grace that was given, out of our gratitude not of our shame should we move closer to Christ in our hearts. Our closeness to Christ will then lead us to part B of all the laws sent to us. This will lead us from living an obedient life and move us towards a holy life.

Christ opens our spiritual eyes to a deeper level so we can move closer to Him

Part 2

Let’s go just a bit deeper than yesterday. In the Bible there are many references to heavenly courts Ezekiel, Isaiah.and Paul says repeatedly that the heavenly realms are available to us now. Also there is plenty of instruction on how to behave in court, how to respond to an accuser and indebtedness. In a lot of these references, it is sited that we have access to these heavenly places through our relationship to Christ not our obedience. The veil was torn at His time of death, that was our invitation to press into God for a closer relationship. No longer did we need a high priest to enter the Holy of Holies and petition the Lord on our behalf through the sprinkling of sacrificed blood. We were given permission to enter ourselves since the blood had been shed once an for all. Paul said, and in other places throughout the Bible we are told of powers and principalities that were given to Satan in this world, that our battle is a spiritual one. When we start talking about principalities, we now are in the world of jurisdiction. If the accuser continual accuses you of a sin and you are trying to run from it in your spirit, as we discussed in part one of this line of thought, what remedy do you have? Until now, you may have been brow beaten in submission through guilt and shame and the battle you wage has been inside your head, while behaving appropriately on the outside. There is no peace in that.

Now in the Old Testament, when we were given a law and we are told “Thou shall not”. we are left hanging. Some of our finest religious institutions have played on that to get more works out of you and for you to believe you need to earn “additional salvation” Can I perform more good works to out weigh my bad works. OH BY THE WAY you won’t know the outcome until your dead!!! Hip Hip Hooray, let’s hang our hat on that one.

Many religious denominations teach about a distance God and one where judgement is delayed until death. Many of us have walked almost a hopeless existence of walking out our faith hoping that we have done enough to go the Heaven, completely ignoring what was done for us on the cross. That faith walk was done in fear of Hell instead of the joy in the relationship you can have with Christ, once we realize we need a Savior and come to grips with our true condition, for we are powerless without one.

However, when Christ died for our sins it was not conditional. He paid the price. If we continue to add works to the gift of grace we have, in so many words, insulted God’s greatest gift to us. So where does all of this lead……an attitude of gratitude for the best defense lawyer that has ever existed. Our behavior should be a by-product of our gratitude for the gift that has been given.

For example, if you were given a car and you trashed it and a then a given a replacement and trashed it so on and so forth. Would it look to the giver that you walked out your gratitude for the gift. On the contrary, so how can one say that with their lips they are grateful to Christ but keep the pedal to metal in their car and go as fast as they would like. Sooner or later you will run out of road. At some point that gift of a car will be no more and your actions, not the givers will dictated the course of your future events. Sooner or later no cars will be given. Lip service only goes so far.

If we have a dispute with business partner, we go to court. If you cannot pay your bills you go to bankruptcy court. If we are to believe Jesus when he said, “As it is on Earth as it is in Heaven”, would that mean everything but a court system exists. Satan had to petition God to wreck havoc on Job, where did that happen? There had to be someplace Satan could approach God after his banishment. We are told he is the accuser and there has to be place he can state his case against you.

When Jesus spoke, He said that to get to the Father you had to go through Him. The accuser consistently says we are sinners and deserve not to be forgiven, but if Christ is our defense attorney and Satan is the prosecutor, why is it so far fetched to bring and issue formally to Christ. He does hold the keys to Hell after all.

Some of you who are new to this, may have never petitioned God through faith in a heavenly court, but is is actually quite simple. If you can pray to God and ask forgiveness, If you can pray for a family member, what is hard about going to a heavenly court by an act of faith and petition Him to act in our behalf. The war is won, but the skirmishes still persist. Instead of running from your thoughts, hold them captive, admit them formally in your court of faith and remove the power they have over you, then start to experience the freedom you have heard many speak of and allow the true grace that God gave you work in your life as you walk out your new freedom.

Go to Christ with pure, sincere and contrite heart, one on one in His court and ask for His defense. Additionally, you can also ask for a “restraining orders or divorce papers” for any ungodly spirits that might be separating you from God’s fullness in a certain area in your life.

This is something I have done in some of the areas in my life I have struggled with continually, a stronghold that antagonized me for years. Once I started to going to court in this manner more thoughts were brought to my attention even though my behavior was correct, I never realized how many thoughts pushed my spirit down until I started working this process. Slowly I was able to dissect my thought life. Until some of the common negative thoughts left and no longer rang in my ear.

Sound silly, maybe, but I have never known God to be traditional, He is always awe inspiring. I walk in freedom, I used to only heard others talk about a freedom as such and never believed it could happen to me. But it works and every since I started approaching God in this manner to deal with those areas in my life, my walk with Him has improved considerably in the past 6 months. It much easier than white knuckling my way to nowhere fast.

So, back to the question, Did Jesus fulfill the law? YES, Not only, has Jesus asked us to look at the essence of our spirit to live a more holy life by relating to Him through the Spirit instead of the letter of the law, but now we have a way to bring any issue to God and give us freedom to walk in the ways of Christ here on Earth unhinged from sin’s shadow and tight grasp that keep our spirit in a prison to ourselves.

When we want justice, we all go to our earthly courts present our case and accept the ruling, and though we might not always like the outcome, we can rest in knowing that issue is closed and no longer looming over us. We pay our dues and move on. Doesn’t it seem likely that Christ could fulfill the law in total in this manner as well.

I can assure you if you are a man or women after God’s own heart and want what he wants for you here on earth, then it is there for you, but you won’t know unless you try. As you can see my spirit is alive and all I have shared with you is my experience on how this fire was ignited

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