About Us and Beliefs

Having spent a lot of time in recovery circles, Roland and his wife Rita, the founders of Enlarging Territories Ministries, Inc. were prompted by God’s calling to help individuals and couples who struggle with or who have become disillusioned with their faith in Jesus Christ.

Each of them having to reconcile their pasts, with the love shown them by Jesus, offer a unique position to help those who question their faith in an arena where general terms of spirituality can only be discussed. 

Roland Jutras, author of “Why Nobody is Searching for God”, and “Fly Fishing with God” clearly articulates the need for a Savior through his personal experiences. This ministry picks up where these books leave off.


  • What is my source of authority?

A word for word translated Bible- NKJV, NASB, plus the Amplified

(Thought for thought and Paraphrase  for the fun of it.)

  •  What is our view of God ?

I define God by the terms and description  laid out in the Bible. A Loving Just God who will administer tough love when needed, not by my feelings about God. Our feelings confirm God’s presence in  us.

(God is not a Sugar Daddy who slobbers kisses all over me no matter what I do and says go ahead continue playing with matches just don’t get burnt.)

  •  What is our view of the Trinity?**

The three persons of the Godhead are one but yet distinct.

  •  Who is Jesus Christ?**

 The Son of God, who by his death, burial and resurrection is the central  focus for Christianity and provides access to God if asked for by any person due to his taking of our sin on the cross.

  •  Who is man?**

God created man in His own image and can never do enough on his own to redeem himself.  He is redeemed through the blood, trust and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

  •  What is our view on sin?**

We are all sinners and fall short of God’s standard and Glory through sinful acts.

(I can’t pretend to be happy, happy, happy powerful in spiritual authority and pretend there in no sin in me and ignore who I really am without Jesus. If I am real, everyone will see all my spots and blemishes and God’s love will flow from them.)

  •  What is our view of Salvation?**

 A man receives redemption through a belief in Jesus Christ, but never becomes equal with God or Jesus.

  •  What is our view of the future life?**

A person is a spiritual and physical being who will live either in Heaven or Hell for eternity.

(Yup what I do on Earth effects my future, if I were committing adultery don’t think for a minute my wife would keep the door open if I did not humbly repent for my actions. I believe I would still love her but not wholly.  Funny how Jesus describes our relationship with Him like a marriage. Who are you sleeping with?)

  •  What is our view of the end-times?

People get ready!   Jesus is coming!  He will come in with a bang like the scripture says. I believe  what the prophecies say in Daniel, Matthew and Revelation. I believe Jesus did prophecize about Jerusalem and also the future at the same time. He was pretty good with words.  Is there going to be a rapture prior to the tribulation, will we live through  it or picked up in the middle of it,  I don’t know, but I will be covered by Christ if I remain steadfast,  this I know.  I know one other thing, He did not come in 70 AD and we are not in the millennial reign.

(When the tribulation does happen and if I am alive,  I hope He gives me three steps towards the door, as Lynyrd Skynyrd sang back in the 80’s)

  •  What is our view of Hell?**

Is a future place of punishment for those who reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

(I can’t change that, just like I can’t change my relatives. It is what it is.  I love them just trying to make a point )

  •  What is our view of Satan?

Fallen angel that has been given  dominion on Earth until Christ’s return then he will no longer deceive the nations. How does that play out?  I only know it is good for me and the world.

  •  What is our view of Israel?

God loves the entire world, Israel the nation and the Jewish people, saved or not. God demonstrates He will take us back every time when we humble ourselves and repent. He is Love and there is no way for us to understand what that truly means, but most of us know what love is not.  Breaking a covenant,  the most binding agreement God gave us, is not an act of Love. Bringing more people under that covenant is.  Israel the nation might be lost right now, but the Shepard will find its lost sheep like He did with me.

  • What is our view of the Bible?

The inspired word of God that we live by everyday.

I love you, Father.

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