Sex, Sex and More Sex But No Babies

On January 18, 2019, I was fishing with a buddy of mine.  We fished from nine until one.  It was raining and a mist hung in the air over the river about two stories up at different times.  And forty miles away, my Rita was at a prayer meeting and, from eleven to noon, praise and worship was underway.   Mrs. M. who was sitting in the living room wrote this vision down.

Untitled picture 

Saw Roland on the side of the river fishing. Then the land started speaking to him like he had never heard before.  His eyes were open for the first time as never before.  The last song playing, “Holy” was like, I could see a mist all over the river and him. The angels were in the mist as the Lord was speaking to him and he was listening.  A new day for him and you is coming.

I cannot explain the majesty I experience once I step foot into the river.  It is in that moment that I am one with the river.  The sound of rushing water that surrounds you as it cascades over rocks and boulders. The silent whisper as you move to the right about five feet.  What was once deafening is now silent.  Everything is magnified yet all things are noticed and in focus.  I study in amazement the different currents, river bottom nuances and the speed of the water.   Where some sections barely show a ripple, you would still never be able to walk across the current due to the strength of the flow. To see a minnow stationary in the same water and then two feet away see a branch speedily race downstream and at the same time knowing that if I do not keep your feet firmly planted, the current would sweep you away.

Respect for the river is equal to the “Fear of the Lord.”

A trout in all this madness can find a spot in the midst of all this power, find rest and wait for food to come to him.  A trout respects the power of the river.  It is the strongest force around once you understand the balance required to live in its presence. The river can sweep him away but yet he taps into its power at a moment’s notice to flee if threatened and able to hide. He uses the power of the current to find pockets of calm water amongst all the obstacles to find his secret place, which it defends from intruders. There he communes with nature himself, because in the midst of all its fury, it is here, he is sustained by the everlasting flow.

He understands his place, he taps into the knowledge God has bestowed in him to survive.  He doesn’t doubt the existence of God he embraces it.  He doesn’t tell God he identifies as a bass and wishes to be in a lake.  When it is time to spawn each sex knows what its role is.  Not just here but everywhere in nature each species understands innately what its role is as God created them to be.  It is the fly fisherman who tempts the trout with food that resembles God’s sustenance only to be fooled and yanked out of river’s spirit.  He was led to believe that what was placed in front of him would be OK to eat, only to have his world rattled.

Yes, he believed that it was the river of life, God who gave him to eat, but the great deceiver, lured him away with a hook wrapped in a fly.

What is funny, not really, but in all the political arguments we are told we need to respect nature to the fullest.  Each animal has a right to live as “Nature” intended.  Except for the humans, somewhere in the argument we are described as apart from nature, the anomaly.  We are actually the mistake that God made, and that is why it is OK to pervert all that God, so called, created in His perfect machine.  BECAUSE. IF THERE IS A GOD, HE GOT IT WRONG.  There is no value in damaged goods, so the smart ones will take it upon themselves to separate the goats from the sheep.

What we see unfolding in the world is a cry from those who self-appoint themselves as the immoral authority while claiming morality as the evil in the world.  The obstacle to all that mankind can be.  It is OK to slaughter the weak, figuratively or literally, to preserve the strong and hold on to all they hold dear here on the physical plain.  A belief system with no God or a God of your own image, is all that they have here, that’s it.  Take what you can, because if you don’t take it someone else will.

The Power of God is magnificent! It wasn’t until I moved up here and stood in the river’s presence that I have come to know and understand how wonderful and dangerous His power can be.  I did not have to read Mrs. M’s vision to tell me what I had already known.  I already knew it was here that God would reach me again and find the key to my heart and release all that binds me, every time I step in.  Like the trout I found my secret place, and only a select few have come to share it with me.

We are surrounded today by many fly fisherman who are attempting to yank us all out of God’s River of Life.  Shaming us, bullying us and attempting to convince all of us that there is no power in God.  That what we thought we knew was just a perversion, tradition, liberty of spirit, respect for God’s creation was all just a misinterpretation.  Why, because over time, we (the world) would know better.

Are you sure you can trust the Word of God? Is the Bible really true?  There are so many contradictions.

Look around, what God said should be isn’t.

The world says, “If it feels good do it!!!  You can take what you want but just don’t take it from me.”

God gave the world life and now the world is rapidly embracing death.  The world is demanding that we kneel to its desires and sex in any form  must be accepted. Any attempt to disagree is met with disdain and even violence. We are tarred and feathered, scorned and cast out if we do not kneel at this new altar.  Sacrificing life to preserve life.

There is no Fear of the Lord which is the beginning of Wisdom.  What wisdom is there that believes thwarting and perverting the essence of life should be the way of the world.  This is done by lifting up all forms of debauchery.

In addition, in many states and the number is growing, a baby if born alive after trying to kill it through an abortion, it is legal in the state’s eyes and even recently announced Presidential candidates to kill it and not protect the life that has sprung forth.  Would that be by snapping its neck or by suffocation?  The Humane Society and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals would start a war if what is done to a baby was done to any animal wild or domestic.

We are sacrificing our children and defying God’s miracle of life, and they clap and cheer as though a great thing has been accomplished.  While those who pass those laws have blood on their hands, those who put them there do as well.

They have already received their profit’s reward. (no misspelling here)

The world is demanding that we ignore how God created men and women and the sanctity of marriage. Here it is OK to thwart nature, since it won’t satisfy the desires of the soul.  The movement is bullying its way into all churches demanding permission to stray from God’s word and in many cases rewriting statements of faith to suit their needs.  The church is bowing to the pressure and do you know why, because the Fear of the Lord has left them. Fear of man and his retribution has placed dominion over them, to the point maybe we should consider this change.

Why can’t we all just get along?

Those who yell the loudest are not always right, But it is the smart trout who has seen that trick before and stays away that survives and continues to live in the balance of the river.

Please understand when Jesus walked with us, His greatest rebuke was to those in power not to the sinners among us.  He warned those leaders not to lead his children astray.  A fate far worse would befall them that hurt the innocent among them.

I am not saying we cannot love those whom are special to us whatever sex they are, but what is challenged is how that love is demonstrated, that is what  is poison to the soul.  When Jesus was here He identified with those who struggled with sin in its many forms; from cheats, adulterers, murderers, non-believers, prostitutes and the list goes on.  The sick He healed were not the upstanding pillars of the community, they were the outcasts.  Those the general public would not want to be sitting amongst them.  But He spoke with conviction, and His words whether you accepted or ignored them, left a lasting impression no one could forget. So much so they are still trying to eradicate them today.

And,  the sin that he brought to light in someone’s life, those who recognized it, embraced His majesty.  Just like I did.  In many cases they picked up their mat and followed him.

When He said, “Go and Sin no more.”  They knew what that meant.  He did not have to spell it out.  Do you know why it was that simple, because once you are exposed to the Spirit of God and allow Him entry, it all becomes clear.

The body you have been given is a temple and it must be guarded with vigilance.

So if you are wrestling with God over something, it is more than likely you want something that either goes against the Will of God or you are trying to get permission to thwart the word of God.

Table is set for all, but the time has come to understand that all this noise about sex, transgenderism, infanticide, gender neutrality, and the enjoyment of human sexuality which knows no bounds is a means to satisfy the flesh.

As I have stated before my struggles with sex and pornography in my past is no different than any other sin.  There is no grading system or sliding scale determining which sin is worse.  Acting out sexual desires not blessed by the Word of God has a debt to paid.  I felt that debt until I did not want to pay anymore.  The cost outweighed the gain. It wasn’t until I surrendered to the river of life provided by God that a peace befell me.

I know in my heart when I choose myself over God.  I can’t run from it but I try to ignore it and even convince myself it is acceptable this time.

My Argument is:  You see God, I just don’t have the strength to fight the will of body. I am weak.

What I am really saying is: “God, I want what I want when I want and you can’t tell me otherwise.  Maybe I’ll change tomorrow, but for right now, it’s me baby!!!!”

That is what is happening in the world, they are fighting against the current. The anger level is reaching a fever pitch.  Why?  Because to borrow a phrase, they are going against the flow.  Sooner or later as this cup runneth over, the flow of the spirit will sweep it away.

I love you all and there is NOTHING you can do about it.





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