What is Evil?

Numbers 13

In the past few weeks a term has risen to the top of my vocabulary; disillusioned.  I didn’t know it at first, but  that word was seared  into my mind.  For years I looked at this word negatively and utilized its context as being hoodwinked.  But God is teaching me that I have been disillusioned on who I really am.  AND I am  learning that I need to ask God to unlearn who I am.  As I have heard over the years, God wants me to be rid of self.  Now I understand  the only way that can occur is to unlearn who I think God wants me to be or better yet how I think God should be seen in me.  So, in God’s view, the word disillusioned is revelatory.    During this process of revelation,  my perception of the world was forever changing, my field of vision narrowed  and very sharp.

I am becoming very sensitive to the under lying motivations of the world.  The exceptions are becoming the rule and the rules the exceptions.  With all the noise blarring at me from the loudspeakers of life, there is no way to understand it all, yet alone absorb it.   Internally it feels like I want to lash out at the world and yell,  STOP IT!

Now I could run outside and point out the error of everyone’s ways.  Point out their sin and beg them to turn to Christ; and do you know what?  My intentions would be honorable.   You know,  I have been told that I am wonderfully unique in God’s eye.   Jesus loved me so much that he gave his life for me.  I owe it to Him to point that out wherever my feet are planted;  because I pray I most certainly know what you should do for God.

NOW, If I am not careful, this self-righteousness will overtake me and allow evil to establish a beachhead in my soul.  With the best of intentions, the work of the church as my banner.  No matter which side of the fence you are one, at some point you may be carrying the banner leading to destruction.  No one is immune from evil infection.  That is why understanding that I have disillusioned myself is so important.  Once I understand that, seeing myself as I truly am, can I be of service to God. The bottom line has truly come down to the question everyone must answer; Who do you answer to: God or the world?  There is no in gray here.   Even if I were to  stick my head in the sand saying there is nothing I can do about it; I have made a choice.

This where we begin.

When you look around and listen, you will see that the world that is full of self-seekers:

  • Everyone is clamoring for individual rights, wanting their voices heard.
  • They do not want to be told what to do or have any restrictions placed on them.
  • They want the right to marry whomever they choose.
  • The right to every sexual perversion, a definition that can be changed by your personal tastes.
  • The right to punish those who offended someone sometime in the past that at the time was not offensive.
  • The right to compensation for unfair treatment by generations past.
  • The right to oppress those holding  different  views from them today while fomenting against historical intolerance.
  • The right to legally hate and discriminate against beliefs not found popular (mob rules).
  • The right to condemn traditional beliefs because they “cannot possibly” apply in today’s modern world.
  • The right to force individuals and/or institutions to accept, conform and place more emphasis on progressive social goals, rather than be allowed to remain true to foundational principles .
  • The moral obligation to “save the animals”, yet kill the children.

All of this happens at an ideological level with labels bandied about willy-nilly. Should you be caught in the crossfire, watch out, because there is a world out there ready to pounce and destroy.  This is constantly on display, as the world witnesses what happens to those who do standup, a mind-set is formed that squelches the spirit.  A belief, that as long as “it” happens to the other guy and you leave me alone, life is good.  With an understanding that eventually everyone will accept everyone for who they are, you will get to keep all your toys and you will live happily after on this Earth with no concern for the ever-after, an eternal existence.  We just need to live as strangers, isolated, moving from point A to point B,  making sure we do not interfere with the lives within our sphere of influence.  At the same time, following a standard imposed upon us by a higher authority that is not of or from God.  Now this is all phrased as lofty goals, full of promise  by those imposing such, least you get out of line, then there will be hell to pay (literally).

The World is trying to create a utopia by killing what it believes doesn’t belong, by their every changing perspective.   God is creating a utopia for us(on Earth as it is in Heaven) by removing what is undesirable (sin) in us on a path to Holiness.  The world wants a heaven of their own understanding on Earth.   God wants us to experience Him on Earth and in Heaven.  The world thinks only of what it gains today and the goals they hope to achieve somewhere in the future by pillaging today.  God wants us to engage Him moment to moment, experiencing life as He wanted for us in the midst of the whatever life offers, casting what is not important aside.   The world only wants to deal with those who can contribute to society or who they can use to further its objectives. God wants everyone to play their part in His mosaic of life, from the prince to the pauper.

What is problematical about this utopia plan?

We are living in a world where the essence of man has not changed and will not change unless we stop fooling ourselves and acknowledge God’s plan and presence.  While everyone maybe talking a good game and promoting wholesome living; “mayhem” grows stronger every day, as individualism, and self-gratification are allowed to prosper without checks and balances and Eugenics (a set of beliefs and practices which aims at improving the genetic quality of the human population) takes on many of its varied appearances which are all about removing the liberties God gave every human, through social engineering  by whatever means necessary through laws, coercion or unholy alliances.

G.K. Chesterton wrote an essay named, Eugenics and other Evils, in the beginning of this essay he described how England passed the Feeble-Minded Law.  This was a first step in a formalized,  edumacated way lawmakers could declare a legal basis to define a person’s hereditary frame of mind and devise a social scheme to apply it.  You were no longer crazy, mad or insane, those are too easy to define, so now you had a term called feeble mindedness.  A term that could be applied to just about any one based on the mood of a governmental official to impose whatever restrictive behavior they were trying to control.  I know a few feeble minded people myself  and we could easily apply this law and prevent them from participating from all sorts of freedoms; voting, carry a gun, we might even consider and ensure their genes are no longer passed down.   All for the common good and to save a man, in a Minority Report sort of way, (a 1956 science fiction short story by Philip K. Dick) from himself even before he may have harmed himself.  This is easily done, sitting in the seat of power, without God guiding us.  

Many a law has passed, that when played out do not even fulfill the original intention.  Make the men in power, subject to the laws they pass and see what then happens.  Evil loves unchecked power and from power men are destroyed especially (remember Solomon)when not guided by God.  You can appreciate that when you can point a finger without consequence, well you become the highly knowledgeable exception to the rule and it is your DUTY to help in anyway you can.  BRAVO, BRAAAVVVOOO! Evil on full display, sound familiar: death panels, rationed care, abortions, animals above people and everything is free.

So how about a modern day application.  True story from a person I knew. The test comes back; the baby would be born with a defect that would make life extremely difficult.   In our world today, many would understand why aborting the child (kill the baby) to save it from a horrible life would be the “right thing” to do.  You  wouldn’t want a child to grow up, a cut below the rest; he might get picked on and life would be difficult to endure.   In the same breath, the parents have the ability to make those “tough” choices through the life God gave them.   I can be sure  at some point in their life, like mine, there was a moment when one looks to the heavens and is grateful to be alive.  They chose to save the baby from the terrors of the world removing whatever chance it had to experience that moment.  Whose life was actually saved from the difficulty?  Someone who is not given the opportunity to overcome life’s struggles with God’s grace, is this evil or compassion?

Before we go any farther, I will state that in my youth, I got a girl pregnant.  She choose to have an abortion.  Even though, I was one thousand miles away and in the Army, I did not try an stop her either and am equally to blame.  I lived with the guilt, repented, asked God’s forgiveness and made my amends to that women.  In that moment, I had succumbed to situational ethics and did not fight the decision.   I listened to the world and drank the Kool-Aid because , it would have put a dent in my lifestyle, that I was not willing to tackle.  My silence made the choice and who would ever know.   However, today I am not disillusioned with who I am and  I know God loves me. That is why I can speak about this freely.

On January 20, 1942, fifteen German military and governmental leaders voted to bring Eugenics to its logical conclusion, voted and confirmed the legal discrimination and subsequent extermination of the Jewish people.   I recently watched the movie, Conspiracy  which re-enacted the meeting.  It was dreadful to understand what was needed to make this “legal”.   One attendee commented, that if this did not fit in the current law, change it so it would.  The extermination of the Jews had already begun and different means were being tested.  However, this meeting set the stage for Auschwitz and they needed everyone, sitting in their seats of power unchecked by God, on board to carry out the plot.  In their eyes, the Jews were arrogant, brash and made life difficult.  They saw an illness and administered the antidote and those who initially disagreed were looked at down the barrel of gun (figuratively).

Today, Planned Parenthood, is systematically killing babies, carefully extracting and harvesting partial and full fetal cadavers (murdered babies), to sell to researchers who want to save the desirables (the ones who can contribute to society) for the common good of mankind.   All legal and yet our leaders on August 3, 2015 could not stop tax dollars from supporting these practices and will continue to pay this organization indirectly to continue harvesting babies for scientific experiments.  When I heard this, I thought I was listening to the opening scene to the “Meaning of Life” by Monty Python.   This world you are living in is sacrificing unwanted babies for science or human experiments all in the name of women’s health. (sound familiar). If you saw the videos of the doctors discussing this, the nonchalant attitude when discussing the how they killed babies while inside the womb and the money they can make based on the completeness of the baby is horrifying.  This is an altar God commanded to be destroyed throughout the Bible and every time God’s word was not heeded, trouble  soon followed and destiny was postponed until repentance occurred.

We all have seen that over time smoking has been outlawed in many areas even in the open air, there are efforts to stop you from smoking even in your private homes.  Now, in one Texas town, you can be sited if your neighbor smells your barbecue cooking.  Ten years ago you would have said that was absurd, but here we are.  In just about everything, the world is completely upside down to common sense, especially relative to God’s word and the only time His word is invoked, is to further a veiled evil cause.

How far away are we from paying women to provide aborted babies in the name of science?

Everyday that we look away evil closes in.  Don’t say it is impossible, you would’ve thought this was not possible, but it is.  We have Pharaoh’s heart on display in many of our leaders. Moses had to go back, not once, not twice but many times before Pharaoh got the message.  God not only wants a deeper a relationship with you but also your neighbor.  This isn’t about us.  This isn’t about how you feel spiritually today.  This isn’t about how many people you can get in your church and hope they get it and ignore the rest.

It is about His Kingdom in all aspects of life. Throughout the Bible, God demanded his people to rid the land of evil.  Some of the leading prophets were scared and ran away from their call.  It wasn’t until they faced their fear that God delivered them and they finished their call.

You may look around and say that God is losing, but he is not. He is the Atomic bomb that will burst on the scene and take everyone off guard.  What you see around us is something that has happened throughout the ages.  He has removed His grace from his people until they were ready to do what was RIGHT in His eyes.  Pain is how God reaches us and points out our disillusionment about who we are in Christ.  If you are not moved by the evil that is ready to pounce, taking out those around you, I would question your relationship with God.  For if you were in tune with the Father’s heart, we should all be tearing off our sack clothes.

Evil consumes life!!! Evil minimizes the human dignity that God gave us.  Evil is everywhere the God of Abraham is not and it is that simple.  I mentioned earlier that many want to receive retribution for past sins perpetrated against their forefathers.  God demands the same and it will be too late if you support and vote against the Word of God (or for the One World Order).  If you are hoping you can stay out of the line of fire,  try cutting a deal with the devil.  The issue with evil is that it conspires and invites you in but always turns on you.  You can’t out run it, you can only stand up to it with God’s grace and authority.  Evil is like a bottle of booze to an alcoholic left on the table, it will patiently wait for the alcoholic to pick it up.   That is why the bottle must be removed from the house, to help save the alcoholic. The two cannot co-exist.

So here we are on the outside looking on Canaan.  Moses has asked for a representative from each tribe to go spy on the land and report back.  Ten came back and said it was too scary to attempt to overtake, their were giants there.  Two came back and saw an opportunity to fulfill God’s promise to His people.

Who are you?  The one on the outside looking in, saying life is good where I am or stepping out to take the life which is rightfully yours.

Don’t be disillusioned, these are not giants and you are not powerless.  God is not dead!!!!  Ask David when slew the Goliath with a stone.  We need to only stand up and say,  “I am here Lord.”  Then listen.

I love you all and there is nothing you can do about it.

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