What is Evil?

Numbers 13

In the past few weeks a term has risen to the top of my vocabulary; disillusioned.  I didn’t know it at first, but  that word was seared  into my mind.  For years I looked at this word negatively and utilized its context as being hoodwinked.  But God is teaching me that I have been disillusioned on who I really am.  AND I am  learning that I need to ask God to unlearn who I am.  As I have heard over the years, God wants me to be rid of self.  Now I understand  the only way that can occur is to unlearn who I think God wants me to be or better yet how I think God should be seen in me.  So, in God’s view, the word disillusioned is revelatory.    During this process of revelation,  my perception of the world was forever changing, my field of vision narrowed  and very sharp. Continue reading