Did Jesus Coexist? Part 1

Luke 9:1-6, Luke 9:26-27, Luke 10:1-12, Luke 10:17-20, Acts 12:22

When Christ was born, He was the Hope the world was waiting for and  was promised.  When most people talk to you about Christ, we mostly hear about a graciously loving Priestly Savior who loves you and will welcome you with open arms if you accept Him.  Which is true!!!!  However, many in today’s world secular or Christian will not even broach the other side of the double edge sword which he wields, which is the Kingly Savior who will  judge the living and dead and will release judgments on Earth sometime in the future as described not only in the book of Revelation but is mentioned through Jesus’ message itself.  In the New Testament  not only are future judgments  described, but also real-time judgments and declarations spoken against those who ignored the Word of God or would lead people away from God. If you dare to look they are peppered throughout the Gospels.

These judgments and declarations were meant not only to get a person’s attention, but also demonstrate God’s love through those judgments and declarations  to an unbelieving world or disheartened Christians.    Though described as bad; a God of Fire and Brimstone, judgments can be a beacon to those watching and turn towards God and respond to a call to their hearts.

Jesus challenged the thinking and motives of political and spiritual leaders. He poised questions that caused many to ponder their own way of thinking.  Very similar to the teachings of many good orderly direction eastern guru’s.  However, Jesus also drove out demons, raised persons from the dead and performed healing miracles. If that was not enough to show the world that He was the way He rose from the dead.

Unfortunately it is not enough for a world that loves itself more than God. Similar to black mailers with every demand met comes a new demand.  “Give us more proof and then we will believe.”  What else is left to to capture the attentions of His children whom He loves more than we could ever imagine?

When Jesus was born, He brought a message of Hope and direction.  He taught  about the love of Father, presented signs miracles and wonders.  He encouraged people to turn towards God.  But when that message was challenged He confronted the status quo and those who manipulated God’s word.

There were many, turn-of-the-century ministers, who walked in that priestly and kingly anointing of the Holy Spirit that I just described.  They loved and welcomed those with doubting hearts.  The spirit that was with them  caused the meetings to grow in attendance.  Towns actually shut down. They arrived in a town and led revivals and took to heart the commission Jesus placed on the 12 and 70 disciples discussed in Luke 9 and 10. They brought healing, revelation and cast out demons. The word spread.  They warned those who would terrorize Christians at their gatherings and confronted evil where it stood and did not back down, why?  Because they knew the Kingdom was at hand, not somewhere in the future if you behaved well. The risked everything for God and God delivered.

My favorite of these preachers was Mordecai Hamm (The one who led Billy Graham to Christ).  A man of God unafraid to stand up to those that would challenge  the Word of God.  Mordecai  though his faith, called on God to deliver warnings of judgment if certain actions continued by local hooligans.  Some results were joyous and sometimes dire,  for those warned and did not heed the warning.  In all those cases, the Glory of God was on display and thousands accepted Jesus as their Savior.  Mordecai  walked in faith and called on the power of God to demonstrate His Glory and  he left the results to God.  Do we walk in that faith?

When Jesus was born he was the Hope for a fallen world,  when He died He bore our sin and with His resurrection He proclaimed our innocence.  That is a judgment we all want in our lives. You are innocent, but when we are outside of our close circles can we also say, “No! What you are saying about my Savior is not true!”  Do we deny our Maker by our silence?

The revelations Daniel spoke about in the book of Daniel are being realized in the world around us.  God is opening the spiritual eyes of many who seek it. The passages about experiencing Heaven on Earth are happening to those that are asking for Jesus to reveal Himself to them, instead of acknowledging and walking out the “delay and wait message” from many modern-day churches .  In my opinion, when we live by a wait and see message we tend to focus on works, do the next right thing, instead of a true, interactive relationship with God.

The Word is Alive for those that seek it; and many are stepping through the veil that Jesus opened upon His death, including myself, for all to approach the HERE and NOW, not when you die . When I am able to quiet myself during prayer, I love experiencing the thickness of the Holy Spirit whether at home in quite solitude or in meetings with fellow Christians, who want the Glory of God to manifest upon them through worship and petition.  The God I know, has been patient with me, has encouraged me,  has delivered warnings to me,  provided correction and has even allowed me live in the pain I created myself until I cried uncle!

To experience the full measure of  God you must be able to acknowledge every facet of His Love, explained to me by  Al Houghton, Word at Work Ministries.  If not, how can you discern the spiritual battle raging against our Father in Heaven. Without the knowledge of the knowledge of His Love and how to operate in it, you actually delay the message meant for His children who are still wandering aimlessly in a hopeless existence. All this happening just below the surface of the world’s coexist message. (Which is silence the Christians)

  • Forgiveness-Acceptance of His Love
  • Forbearance-God’s allowing you to work your way into repentance
  • Warning-Coupled with a message of redemption
  • Chastening/Affliction-Fatherly correction imposed by God not us
    •  Not to be confused with adversity which Satan uses
  • Termination-God will cut off people to save a nation

I look at the culture around me and I find it interesting how, when you are termed an adult all of a sudden in the secular world, no one is allowed to tell you what to do. If they do, they are forcing their morals on you and that is simply horrible.  In so many words, “How dare you try to keep me from going over the cliff and fall to my death. The nerve you have, can’t you see I am an adult. I know what is best for me.  Go pray for yourself over there and leave me alone over here, after all I am not hurting anyone.”  But they are whether they want to believe it our not.

I don’t have to defend this statement, we all know it is true.  It’s not secular heresy.  All I would have to do is attend a politically charged event, tell someone Jesus loves them and wants their life to be pure and experience the love God has for them.

KA BOOM! SMACK! You would think the seven judgments of God were released at that moment.

What is the response we inevitably get?  “Why can’t we all just get along.  You go play in your sandbox and I’ll go play in mine.”

And everyone’s hope is that evil will behave.

That is the problem,  when we are told to play amongst ourselves, that is what we do and we do it very well.  We very humbly we say OK and walk away and wonder what the world is coming to.

That leads me to the purpose of this message: Did Jesus Coexist?


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