Love is a Battlefield: Part 2 The Fog of War

Satan works most strongly on the fancy when the soul is drowsy. The soul’s security is Satan’s opportunity to fall upon the soul and to spoil the soul.

-Thomas Brooks

After Zar had left the room, General Mikel look over at Holisp with a questioning eye.

“Ahhhh, I see you have your doubts.  I am sure you are asking yourself, Why did  she send him off by himself?” Holisp said with a quip, but continued.  “After all this time, lest you forget, this is still a team effort. The battle is fought not only on a physical but the spiritual realm.  They are as interwoven as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, but still distinct in different ways.  Each requires the other to establish their full glory.  We are not here to answer every whimsical request to flatter the unbelieving bystanders.  As a junior officer Zar must understand that while he is obeying orders from High Command, he must know his assignment and not just watch over him. How else is he to protect him!  It is crucial that Zar learn this as they both walk in their new roles.  Until the seals are broken this is how it must be for everyone.  We must protect the ones who are aligned with us, shepherd and guide as many as we can to us.”

General Mikel stiffened, like Zar had,  after hearing these words.  “Yes, I do agree wholeheartedly, but Zar’s zeal and enthusiasm can get ahead of him at times.  In light of this, we also suffer casualties.”

“You don’t think I’m not aware of this. This is not a static environment, you and everyone of your officers have the capacity to learn as the Will of High Command unfolds.  As a junior officer he is the match made in Heaven for his assignment Rappaj.   One will fuel the other, once they  realize they are working together.  Just like a father allows his child to grow through bumps and bruises, so we must allow our officers to grow as well.  They’re our mouthpiece just like the other communication channels we use to keep our troops informed. And now that the Fog is shielding our view in many cases,  we must work harder to stop it from engulfing the innocent.”


While , he wondered how some of his fellow officers had faired with the General,  he swung by the armory prior to his departure.  He particularly liked his arrangement of weapons, sword to his side, a dagger strapped to his lower leg and a small wrist shield.  He also liked to sport a short lance. He wore it across his back held by a beautiful leather sash, ornate with gems that had a series of gold and silver rings that surrounded a short leather sheath  the lance slid through  and  was held in place  by the tip. During his training, Zar had shown immense skill throwing a short well balanced lance and was never out done by any of his peers.   He always enjoyed the feel of it in his hands and the agility he naturally possessed as he threw it.

As he was making his way back to his post through the heavens, Zar couldn’t believe how dull the Earth looked from the sky.  Prior to the Choice, Earth was glorious. It use to glow brighter than that the moon, but now the Fog of War covered most of it.  He missed  seeing  the twinkling shiny lights of glory moving to and fro.  Glory begot glory in every aspect of creation but the lights had grown dim or disappeared  since the Fog has worked hard to suffocate the flames of God.  It is a rare occasion when the glow breaks through the haze and it usually occurs when a great spiritual battle is won.  Revival is also never  out done by the absolutely glorious light that appears when officers and assignments are in complete accord with High Command.

Today, something was about to happen, he could feel it.   His senses were more acute, it was game on.  Rappaj had  called out for help and needed assistance and Zar would not let him down. He had entered under High Command’s covenant with Rappaj and he would protect him at all cost even if it meant his life. He remembered the night , when he was given formal charge of Rappaj.  Rappaj was praying with a group of friends and had turned around for brief moment. He caught a glimpse of Captain Marcus and himself behind him as his mantle of Exhorter was placed on his shoulders from High Command. It was not only officers that were given commands but the troops as well.  Once they demonstrated an ability to be obedient to High Command in spirit instead of just being a believer and worshiper, more responsibility is placed on them.  Their gifts are brought forward as they are prepared to use them at the direction of High Command. Once a troop knows what their gifts are, they are free to exercise them.  Rappaj has a gift of words,  ability to  see someone’s spirit and an enthusiasm for life that always begs the question from those around him, What makes your life so special?  He is never to busy to tell them either, to the delight of High Command.

However, here is where the battle gets taken up a notch.  Once a troop wears their new mantle and embraces it,  the enemy’s minions start paying very close attention to everything that a troop may say and do. If they start trying to use gifts they are not ordained to use, the enemy tries to influence them to continue using what they should not use.  Once they make a statement that seems testable, they  verify the strength of the troop. Like they did with Petrus when he said he would never forsake Jecarious that terrible night. The enemy instantly told Jecarious he would test him because of his statement.  Jecarious immediately told the enemy to get behind him, but the enemy in the end, influenced three persons to challenge Petrus three times.  All three times Petrus denied Him, proving he was still working out of his own strength and not the faith in Jecarious’ he should have possessed.

Captain Marcus said that a few years back when this mantle was going to be placed on Rappaj, Rappaj said out loud, “Thank you Father for delivering me from my addictions.  Unfortunately, he had abstained through his own strength and not the Father’s.  The enemy had a right to challenge his words and battered him about for months.  Rappaj fell.  It took months for him to realize he needed the help of Jecarious’ and Holisp after wandering in disbelief and shame.   Rappaj’s heart was in the right place, but was using the wrong tools.  All he needed to do was understand his hopelessness in the matter and rely on the strength of Holisp to guide him to safety.  With the mantle now firmly in place Rappaj had become a target for the enemy, thus the change in roles and assignments for Zar. With his faith in Jecarious feeding his strength, Rappaj’s declarations stand firm.

As Zar got closer to Rappaj’s encampment, the Fog seemed darker and grayer.  He could hear whispers all around him as he touched down upon the roof.  He looked  at the swirling Fog as it wrapped itself around many homes.  As the inhabitants came outside,  they looked like Egyptian mummies wrapped in a spiritual guaze.  He briefly looked in on his charge, only to find him not there.  Strange, though it was, he sensed his was close.

After a few moments, he heard his voice and saw him cutting through the Fog with his wife, Tira and the neighbor’s children, like a boat slicing through the water towards his truck  How glorious it was to see Rappaj take the kids from the swirling Fog around their home and bring them out into the light.  High Command had prompted them to ask their neighbors if they could take their kids out for ice cream.  Their parents seemed grateful  and full of delight.  The twinkling of God’s glory was on display through a simple act of obedience.

“Hello, Zaaaaar.”

Zar immediately drew his sword, swung around to see Hindula, one of the enemy’s colonels in charge of covering  this area.  In his black leather battle gear a bit more formal than General Mikel’s. He was swinging his blood colored sword in a large figure eight motion through the motion of his wrists.  His cat-like eyes, seemed to pierce the wisp of  Fog that enveloped him.  His dark tan leathery skin and stringy white hair intensified his presence and being a head taller and a bit broader than Zar.  He was a formidable foe and Zar had heard stories of his conquests.  He had not realized he was one of the principalities that had dominion here.

“Well, well, well.  What do we have here?  A lone warrior out to protect his paaaathetic charrrrge.  Do you possibly think that this little act of kindness on display today, will turn this family away from worshiping us?  The parents only care that they don’t have to listen to their little brats for 30 minutes.  They will  use this time to their advantage. They relish the fact they can bask in the Fog of their own choosing. Your precious Rappaj had done nothing to change their hearts, what fools they are.  Did you know, Rappaj asked the father where he stood spiritually one day. The father told Rappaj  that he had many gods to worship to the delight of my Commander.    Afraid to challenge his beliefs, Rappaj said, He had one God and it was easier to keep track of.  They both laughed as Rappaj slapped his back and that was the end of it.  Aren’t  you supposed spread the Word at every opportunity, slay them in the Spirit and pray for their measly souls if they don’t turn.  He can’t even get that right. What a hopeless excuse of a soldier”  Hindula said as each word seemed to flick off his tongue.

Zar, holding firm,  was speechless. Everything he said seemed true, but it wasn’t.  As he spoke, the swinging motion of Hindula’s sword moved closer as Hindula edged toward him. Finally after he had had enough of this talk, Zar parried Hindula’s blade in mid pattern and both blades one red and one white stopped at dead center of each other.

Hindula smiled showing his yellow shark like teeth.  “Oh brave warrior, as you sure you want to tempt me?”

“You have no authority here, leave!”

“That is where you are wrong my little Prince Valiant as you will see later.”  He said with an echoing laugh as the Fog enveloped him and he disappeared.

Zar, noticeably shaken, drew a huge sigh of relief.  He had faced many minions before, but never had come face to face with a principality.  It was unnerving and during that whole exchange he had felt alone and weak in his presence. Hindula’s words that were spoken had no life in them.  The same lifelessness the Fog ensued. Without the light from within,  the glory of High Command is overshadowed by the bleakness of the Fog.  Zar knew that regardless what Hindula said, Rappaj and his wife did bring light to their neighbor’s spirit even if it was for a short time.  A small spark has a way to light a fire and that is all the High Command asks from his troops.

A few hours had past, since the Rappaj had returned with the kids.  It was such a sight to everyone smiling and laughing. The two families enjoyed the delight of the returning children. It could have been so easy for Rappaj and his wife to get ice cream by themselves, but they  were able to not only speak joy into the kid’s heart through chocolate and purple dinosaur ice cream, but capture the joy themselves.

Readying themselves for bed, Rappaj  had cracked a new book, Sodom Had No Bibles, by Leonard Ravenhill.  As always he like to read captivating sentences to his bride who was always out of earshot. “Honey listen to this as I paraphrase.  A handful of socially uninfluential men did more to turn the world upside for their Lord with empty hands and empty pockets. They had no gold but plenty of glory. Now compare what is done today with plenty of gold and no glory.…… Oh how about this.    In total, more iniquity is committed daily in our nation in one day than Sodom and Gomorrah ever thought doing.  You would think with all the bibles, churches, history of God’s judgement, the risen King that everyone would take pause.  But no! As a nation the signs have been shown, the warnings have been given and still she thinks she is above judgement.  Justice may be delayed through the mercy of God, but it will not be denied..   It is only because of His extended m-e-r-c-y that His judgement hasn’t fallen and we aren’t smoking yet.  What obligation does God have to a people that spit in His face at every turn and says we have a right to do it our way? What obligation does God have to a people that thinks showing up to church one day a week, make’s it all right.  While the rest of the hours, they’re chasing their own whims and fantasies with people who are chasing the like,. What obligation does God have to a people that has a government that has coins that say “In God we Trust” but bar children from singing Christmas carols or stop people praying in public to the God of Abraham?   What obligation does God have to a people that has laws that protects obscenity over decency, immorality over morality, evil over good and give a pass to sin but torment the one’s who embrace their Christian faith?  It is mercy. Mercy provided to His saints.  Remember judgement did not fall on Sodom until Lot was safely out of the city. Abraham interceded for him and once he left so did the grace.  If you think God’s judgement will not fall on this nation at some point, then Sodom and Gomorrah need to ask God for an apology……….For the punishment  surely did not fit the crime if you were to compare the two!   What do you think, babe?”

“Did you say something?”, his wife replied.

Zar chuckled from the security of the wall which he leaned against from his favorite perch, the dresser. Some things never change, but the absolute fire that burned from Rappaj’s heart was real, whether she heard it or not.  He had heard of this preacher years ago and it was a delight to see Rappaj learn from the one of the best. A true warrior for High Command.

Rappaj, looked at his cat who was nestled under his arm as he lay in the bed and gave a quick shrug, “You heard me girl, right.”  As she started purring in acknowledgment as he reached over to turn off the light .

When his wife finally made it to bed, Zar heard her say with disappointment that they had forgotten to pray together before bed. With the lights out Zar headed to the roof of the encampment to see what was happening around them.  The Fog was still thick but Zar could clearly see the glow of  scattered encampments in the area.  The Fog had a way of covering glory  so that it was not easily seen during the day.  Many  warriors for High Command had to learn to engage their highest authority all the time for their  glory to shine through consistently.  Those warriors were few and far between, but many new up and coming warriors had been slowly working to strip all that was worldly and carry their true anointing.

Then there were the wannabe’s  that carried their own little lights, like a tarmac guide waving  their little flashlights to guide an airplane to the proper jet-way and proclaiming it was the glory of High Command. However, they’d lure their followers to  listen to them first for they have new and special knowledge that will unlock new revelatory mysteries the likes you have never heard before. Hmmm, sounds like the Mason’s and many other secret sects.  Let’s be like Enoch and unlock his mysteries, instead of digging deeper into mysteries of High Command.  The enemies minions always clap for them while they sit amongst the congregation nodding and give them standing ovations.  They praise them for their unsanctioned work.  The fog is raised just above their heads while they speak truth 85% of the time (as they pinch their noses due to the stink of High Heaven) and speak 15% untruth (the new unfounded revelation which they clapped to with enthusiasm) which taints  the message completely.  The enemy is only too glad to stroke their egos, influence everyone around them to do the same by filling the coffers which to them means god is blessing them.  “See look at all the blessings god is providing, oh how he comforts us.  god is good,,,,, all the time,,,, god is good.”  The enemy likes to throw in a small miracle/healing or two for good measure, like he did with the Egyptian King  to show up  the Mosaic deliverer. As long as no true warrior of High Command challenges the enemy crowned prophet, everything continues without resistance.  The enemy even allows a mistake or two, just as long as 15% of the message contains the raw meat the enemy would rather serve to the unknowing. If only more warriors challenged these so-called prophets, there would be less Fog.

As Zar was watching from his perch,  Tira’s assigned guards came into the encampment. Sarai and Jacob, twin creations of High Command providing direction and comfort as the gifts his wife was given.  Dressed in formal robes of a light royal blue and white they were certainly beautiful and graceful.  Zar couldn’t quite see them as a warrior soldier, but neither did Holisp and she was one many preferred not to reckon with.  As they exchanged  greetings, Zar retold his encounter with Holisp and General Mikel, his orders and recapped all that had transpired earlier in the day with Hindula.   They also said that Holisp had also intervened during their conversation with General Mikel and ordered them here immediately.  Something was certainly brewing, as they all  realized the murmur of whispers from within the Fog had stopped.  As they looked around the Fog was slowly swirling around the encampment and rising above its current plateau, creating a tornado like funnel in which the encampment was now encased.

Immediately Zar and his party retreated back into Rappaj’s room, only to find,  a half dozen snake like wisps of Fog creeping over the bed from all directions and wrapping themselves around Rappaj’s head, neck and arms in a fluid circuling motion.

At the side of his bed, a minion named Rati was combing her stringy white hair whispering into Rappaj’s ear,  “Do you think I am pretty? …… Don’t you want me?……… I am only a desire away? It’s only a dream, God can’t hold you responsible in your sleep, let me join you.” and it continued….

Standing between Rappaj and his wife on the bed,  the Power of Death hung over him, speaking into his spirit as well,  yelling at him,  “Run,  flee for your life  before I kill you. You can’t escape, we will track you down wherever you go.  We will lock you up and throw away the key.  NO ONE WILL EVER MISS YOU.  You’ll be all alone.”  While he held his head in his claw like hands.

Finally on the headboard squatting, as a gargoyle on over an entrance of a building,  was Soulslinger, who while orchestrating the moment, laughed mockingly at the angelic party who just arrived.  With a wave of his claw like hand he ordered hidden minions up from the Fog to hold the trio from interfering.

“I am so glad you joined the party. Hindula sends his regards,  but said he had other matters to attend to for a time.  He sends his worst,”  Soulslinger said with a laugh as he waved his hands like a conductor at a symphony, as Rati and Death continued their torment in spite of the recent arrivals.


Rappaj out of breath, ducked behind a short stone wall.  Sweat was dripping from his brow and was covered in dirt from head to toe. He believed his elbow was bleeding from a fall earlier in the day. Rappaj was running between two buildings and  while looking back at his pursuers to get out of sight he tripped.  A posse had been chasing him all day and up to this point he managed  not to get caught.  He wasn’t sure why he was being chased, all he knew was that he woke up and he was running.  Earlier in the day, he managed to conceal himself in a small outbuilding and as he looked through a crack in the wall, he heard  a deputy ask people if they had seen him.   Scared, could not describe the absolute fear that he had in his heart.  What had he done? Why are they chasing him?  The deputy told them if they saw him to make sure they sounded the alarm, so they could take him away and get him off the streets for good.

As he peered over the wall and looked across the way, he saw a band of men on horses lined up who seemed to be waiting.  Wait.   No, these were not men, they were monsters of a sort, dressed as men but very different.  He could see death in their eyes, which had no whites. Their cheeks were sunken  The hair was long, stringy and the cowboy hats made them look they were out of a scene in Creepshow. Actually, they all look like the host from that show.   The horses, all black were restless and bucking up, as the line held.  There was no where else to run, except into the building directly behind . If he ran in any other direction he would be spotted immediately against the backdrop of the parched landscape.  His only option was to crawl behind the cover of the wall into the building.

Taking one final peek over the wall, the horses were taking one step at a time toward him. Each time the posse  spurred the horse, they took a step.  They knew he was there. This was absolutely nerve racking,  “Just get it over with. Rush in and put me out of my misery.” he thought.

Taking a breath, he got on his belly and crawled into the building. The door was cracked so he was able to squeeze without causing alarm to the posse. Once behind a wall he was finally able to stand.  Leaning with his back against the wall looking down, he was able to rest and take a breath. The posse was still out there and he was trapped like a rat in the corner.


Zar struggling to get free, looked over to his companions to his right.  They were calling out to Tira to pray for her husband and it was working . He saw her stir. Looking over at Rappaj, he saw that he was tossing in the bed. His legs were moving to and fro as if he was crawling somewhere on his back. It looked like he was trying to free his arms too, but couldn’t as his head was shaking left to right at the rhythm of Death.  However, one thing Soulslinger could not do was silence any of them.  That was against the rules, truth can always be spoken, it’s the lies that anyone can choose to listen too or silence.

“What right have you here?” Zar burst out.

“We have every right you naive little prince. Your charge was boastful of his own strength, today, accepting praise for something that was truly by the grace of High Command. In light of that, he even spoke out loud and wondered if High Command was really listening.  Oh he may have thought he was praying to High Command but he was complaining.  Tisk, Tisk. I guess your little friend when down and out will revert back to his old ways when he has even the slightest bad day. After all the High Command has done for him, he still doubts. We have every right to challenge him.  One day he praises High Command and he says he will follow him wherever he is told no matter what. He had a chance to follow to High Command’s direction today, so  we put a women in his path, just to see if he would in fact follow High Command or would he go elsewhere for comfort. Wouldn’t you know he contemplated her and missed an opportunity to speak life into someone. So we will speak death into his.  He may be reading these nice little books, but he never cleared the air before he retired for the night.  When will these pitiful humans learn.” Soulslinger said with a distain and hatred that dripped with sarcasm.

As this was going on, Sarai and Jacob, though not struggling to break free, were still calling out to Tari to pray.  He could see that she was awake and was in fact praying.  Rappaj on the other hand was still struggling and it seemed to worsen, but a sliver of light was escaping the fog, which by now had almost engulfed him like a cocoon. As the soft  glow continued to emanate from Tari,  her guards encouraged her more, to the dismay Soulslinger.


“Why are you in my house?” said a sultry voice from the other side of the room.

Rappaj jumped up with a start, only to see his wife sitting there.  He had to take a double take,  “Wait, is this my wife?”  he thought. It looked like her but something was different, was it her eyes?  Her face was off a bit.  It looked like her but he knew it wasn’t her.   Sitting in a Elizabethan chair  with her arms on each rest and her legs crossed, an image of confidence was portrayed.  Slowly she rose and moved  towards him offering her hand.   He backed away around the edge of the room and tripped over a chair that blocked his means of escape. Scrambling backwards he managed to get up again, only to fall back on a sofa he did not see behind him, as she cut off his escape.

“Don’t worry about anything outside.  If you stay with me  it will all go away, promise.  It will be like dream,  you and me.  No one need know about us, we can meet here anytime you want.”  said Rati.

Thinking to himself, “Why was he lying down and couldn’t move? He wanted leave but seem paralyzed.  He was entranced by her and her eyes never left his.  Should he stay?”  The questions he asked himself hung in the air, for what seemed like minutes.  “Wait, the posse was after him, they were getting closer.  What is she doing? This doesn’t seem right. “

“Why don’t you lay right here.”  she said as she placed her hands on his shoulders as she straddled him.  “This is what you want isn’t it?”

Trying to move, Rappaj realized he was pinned and couldn’t free himself. He struggled to break free but she wouldn’t let him go. Her strength was deceiving. While he attempted to wrestle free, the pressure on his shoulders increased and the weigh on his chest started to suffocate him. It felt like a snake had wrapped itself around his chest and he was losing his breath as she moved closer and closer to his face.  “Don’t you think I’m pretty.”  As she held him down and whispered in his ear.

Noooooooo! Rappaj tired to scream but nothing would leave his throat as he glimpsed  her shark like teeth for the first time from the corner of eye.


Zar, in that moment, as he saw the glow from Tari increase momentarily,  he felt a surge  of strength, and broke one of his arms free and was able to draw his sword as every being in the room looked towards the light.  Soulslinger, was yelling at his party of ghouls to continue, as he jumped down on Rappaj’s chest, while Death held his shoulders and Rati continued whispering in his ear.

With momentum on his side,  and sword drawn,  he was able to twist from his captor, who also drew his sword and kept him at bay from the bed.  Commencing an exchange of blows, Zar, charged forward  to strike his opponent across his shoulder, when another blade stopped his in mid-flight from the right.  The blade was blood red, which caused his captor to smile and pause.  Within in one fluid motion,  Zar ducked, spun to his right,  and with his sword cut his first opponent in half and while following through gaining  position,   his blade moved upward  as he stood and  managed to hold off  another incoming strike  from the red blade, as he and Hindula stood face to face with swords locked at the hilt. The of stench of death pierced his senses.


Tari had seen this happen every night for a while and  felt the only thing she could do was pray.  She  woke up to Rappaj’s struggle while he slept and immediately knew that waking him up would not solve anything.  He had mentioned the dreams he was having and it was something he had to fight through, so all she could was pray for him and pray she did.


Hindula  pushed Zar back, with his blade upright and started circling slowly to the left.  Zar in the same position countered his every move  as well.  “How is our patient Mr. SoulSlinger?”   Hindula rasped  with his eyes locked on Zar.

“Very well Sire.  We have him pinned.  He’s struggling but he can’t get away. The fear and terror are drowning him, plus lust is calling his name to make it aaalllll betttterrr.  Oh how wonderful it is that his fear feeds us.  If he would have only repented earlier none of this would have happened, sorry for him.” As Soulslinger sounded as if he was singing while baking cookies in a kitchen.

“It is only a matter of time.  As you can see Tari’s prayers are interceding for him, and you will have to leave. If not I will fight you to the death to save my charge.  You will no longer have authority to attack this one”  Zar commanded.

“You are the zealous one aren’t you. Ohhh, how many of you have tried to save your charges only to have then relinquish their rights to me and abandon you to your death.  Oh, the officers I have tasted as they have passed over my tongue. Such strong words, for a fragile warrior as yourself.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Zar saw something was happening as Hindula went on enjoying hearing his own words.  There was a commotion on the bed and the three minions  were working harder to hold down Rappaj and Soulslinger was now choking Rappaj.  Tari was still praying and her glow was increasing.  Her guards were now praying as well, but were still  held.  The power of Tari’s prayers were fueling the air and Zar’s accompaniments were starting to glow as his blade was the first to illuminate.  Hindula, sensing what was happening, rushed Zar in an attempt to stop the light that was invading the dark. Zar ducked to the right  and yelled. ” Call out to the Father.”


Panic seized his chest.  He couldn’t move. He couldn’t yell.  His arms were like lead. He could see his arms but no amount of strength could move them. Crying, Rappaj said to himself  “Oh what have I done to deserver this?   I’m am going to die, I am going to die, but  I want to live!

Trying to shake free, Rappaj struggled and bucked.  He sensed himself moaning  from depths of his chest as the moan was trying to escape his throat.  He could sense he was trying to sit up.  Words were trying to escape.  It was as if someone was choking him.  Then he heard a voice say from far away, “Call out to the Father.”

His strength was building up inside  and with everything left in his soul, Rappaj yelled at the top of his lungs as he jolted forward.



The room exploded with light. The three minions were catapulted from their positions, at least ten feet from where they previously were.  The intruders were immediately blinded by the intense glory that filled the room, trying to find their way.  Taking this opportunity Zar  managed to dodge an incoming blow from Hindula which hit the floor. In  one fluid motion while moving away, Zar swapped sword hands in mid air and with his newly freed hand  forcefully push the lance up from the sheath  and in a spinning motion caught the blazing lance mid air and threw it at Soulslinger who was trying to rush him. The lance in full glory caught him in the middle of the chest.  As he looked down at the lance firmly planted in his chest SoulSlinger laughed no more and disappeared.  Only the lance ramined as it dropped to the ground. Hindula gathering his senses, knew enough to retreat away from Zar, was in a defensive position now that Zar’s newly acquired strength shown gloriously in the room.

“This isn’t over, my little Prince Valiant.” as Hindula retreated with the Fog from whence it came.


“Honey are you OK?” Tari asked.

Yeh, what a dream.  I was dying, being chased and seduced again. I could feel myself getting stronger and fighting back. Isn’t it wonderful that even in my dreams I know to call out to the Father.

Laying back down.  Spena, his cat, came over and started purring as she nestled her paws on his shoulders.  Rappaj looking up to the ceiling and  Zar watching from the other side of the room as he was wiping down his sword heard just above the sound of the air conditioner…..

“Father, I am sorry for today.  I owe you everything in my life. Please lead, guide and direct me from my old devices and towards you. Cleanse me from today’s transgressions where I may have gotten slimed by my sins.  All my successes I lay at your feet and give back to you.  Oh Father I am nothing without you.  Please teach me and show me how I can serve you tomorrow.  Oh my precious Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy Name…….. as he quietly fell back to sleep. A warm soft glow covered their bed as peace filled the room.

Based on actual events


Don’t let your lack of repentance and spiritual pride allow Satan access into your life. Repentance and spiritual humility is the key to freedom.  Try that first if you’re warrior enough to walk in that authority.

What will you do before you go to sleep tonight?

I love you Father



1 thought on “Love is a Battlefield: Part 2 The Fog of War

  1. True Repentance is a key, as is communion, to open the door into the supernatural realm! We all can become more effective, efficient, and effective if we will follow Rappaj advice thru this story…Calling on the ONE who is ready to rush to our side in our time of trouble…FATHER!!! Looking forward to next installment… Thanks for the truth! Your friend, Fred


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