Love is a Battlefield: Part 1

Nestled between the Cherubic Mountains, High Command’s Intelligence Division had recently converted a majestic mountain chateau into its central base of operations. With its  picturesque lake just to the front and a fertile valley that stretched for miles to the left, there was nothing left for the imagination to conjure. The landscape was  breathtakingly vivid and the lake sparkled like a sea of diamonds as the wind very gently brushed the surface and the sun set past the water’s edge.

General Mikel  wearing a red cape over his towering build and dark shoulder length hair was an imposing figure to say the least who was embracing the view in front of him. He had recently been asked to gather intel  of the seemingly ageless conflict. He  had spent the day meeting with various lieutenants trying to ascertain the condition of his forces and the surprisingly competent rag tag army they were in charge of. Tired from the mixed reports he was receiving, he tried to take this moment and clear his thoughts, when  his favorite junior officer was presented. Continue reading

You’ve Been…….Thunderstruck

2 Chronicles 26 and Isaiah 1:2

Last week while I was traveling I was reading “It is Finished” by David Wilkerson. Chapter 8, Christ- Our High Priest of the New Covenant gave me a bit of revelation I wasn’t expecting.  He discussed King Uzziah and I was immediately struck how this story can be applied to myself, if I am not careful.  As  I went  into 2 Chronicles 26 to gain further insight,  the path grew wider, leading me to Isaiah 1:2.

 Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth! For the Lord has spoken: I have nourished and brought up sons and have made them great and exalted, but they have rebelled against Me and broken away from Me.

 Now King Uzziah, was a great King,  The Lord blessed him in every area of his life.  “He did  right in the Lord’s eye’s.”….. “He set himself to seek God..”  “As long as he sought (inquired of yearned for) the Lord, God made him prosper.”

He was a good King, but that was not his legacy.  Continue reading